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제목 Sital사 Minuet 1553B Chipset을 소개드립니다.
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Minuet™ is a family of 8mm or 17mm Square, standalone, Mil-Std-1553B protocol terminals that include Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) and Monitor (MT). Depending on the configuration, Minuet can be configured as BC/RT/MT or RT+MT.

Minuet™ devices are software compatible with DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® components and architecture, with 8K or 16K Words of internal memory.

Operating Clock frequency is flexible. A wide range of frequencies are available and selectable by writing to a register within the device. This eliminates long bus cycles and reduces EMI/RFI problems often caused by multiple clock domains on boards.

Users can select between Local Bus or PCI interface supporting 32 bits, 66MHz, PCI burst mode for very fast data transfer to and from the device. 




sital technology minuet






* MIL-STD-1553B Notice 2 

* DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® software drivers 

* PCI Target; 33/66MHz 

Available Configurations 

* MIL-STD-1553 Configuration 

   - Mil-Std-1553 Bus Controller 

   - Mil-Std-1553 Remote Terminal and Monitor 

* Packaging 

   - Lead-Free 132-Ball csBGA (8x8mm) 

   - Lead-Free 256-Ball ftBGA (17x17mm) 

* Back-End Interface 

   - PCI Target, 32 bits, 33/66 Mhz (with Burst Mode) 

   - Address/Data Local Bus 

* Clock Frequency 

   - 16MHz by default or PCI clock 

   - Wide range of frequencies available by setting the clock register 

* Memory 

   - 8K or 16K x 16 bits Internal memory 

* All devices 

   - Temperature range: -400C to +850C Industrial 

   - Power: 3.3 and 1.2 VDC 

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Minuet™ Components 

* PN: MNT1553PCI-8-LF 

   - 132-Ball csBGA (8x8 mm), Lead-Free, 0.5mm Pitch

   - 8K x 16 bits internal RAM, 32 bit PCI interface 

* PN: MNT1553LB-8-LF 

   - 256-Ball ftBGA (17x17 mm), Lead-Free, 1 mm Pitch

   - 8K x 16 bits internal RAM, 16 bit Local-Bus Interface 

* PN: MNT1553PCI-16-LF 

   - 256-Ball ftBGA (17x17 mm), Lead-Free, 1 mm Pitch

   - 16K x 16 bit internal RAM, 32 bits PCI interface 

* PN: MNT1553LB-16-LF 

   - 256-Ball ftBGA (17x17 mm), Lead-Free, 1 mm Pitch

   - 16K x 16 bit internal RAM, 16 bit Local-Bus interface 

* Other configurations available. 

   - See Minuet™ datasheet for details 


* Software drivers and API for Windows. Source code can be provided for modification to other RTOS. 

Minuet™ Evaluation Kit 

* BRD1553PCI - PCI board, with Minuet™ component 

* Luthier Com Builder, Software for 1553 Scenario definition and test.

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