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AEPS-GROUP specialization is development and manufacturing of AC/DC and DC/DC power supply units and blocks, which provide unique characteristics for operation in extremely harsh environmental conditions.
Founded in 1983, Aitech provides rugged commercial and military embedded computing solutions for a variety of high-profile defense, space and industrial programs across the globe. Since introducing the world’s first conduction-cooled MIL-SPEC VME bus board more than three decades ago, the company has come a long way, continually broadened its range of SBCs, mezzanine cards, power supplies, enclosures and fully integrated harsh environment embedded systems.
We are a leader in advanced millimeter wave technology. We operate in the communications, satellite, aerospace and defense markets with innovative monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), packaged modules, sub-systems and complete high definition radars and satellite transceivers.
Specializing in PCB and MCPCB design and manufacturing, COFAN has been providing innovative, industry-leading thermal management solutions for more than 25 years. Our revolutionary and patented technologies are used in world-class automotive, aviation, medical, industrial, commercial automation, and LED lighting products around the world.
DIAMOND SA is a Swiss-based company with a long experience of specializing in the design, manufacturing and assembly of both standard and custom fiber optic connectors and assemblies. Our patented Active Core Alignment (ACA) process allows for unprecedented performance, including very low insertion loss.
Our product line features RF and microwave frequency filters from 10MHz to 26.5GHz in the following configurations
Tubular / Lumped Element / Cavity / Combline / Suspended Substrate
Bandpass and Bandreject filters are available in either fixed tuned or tunable configurations.
Fortasa Memory Systems is focused on meeting customer specific needs with unique and differentiated Memory Storage Products. We offer custom memory solutions that integrate state-of-the-art Flash Controller technology to significantly extends the reliability of Flash media beyond it's standard rated operation. Fortasa's memory products offer hardware and software security layers protecting critical data from unauthorized access and system viruses.
iWave Systems offers wide range of System On Modules and Single Board Computers built using wide range of CPU and FPGA SoC platforms with different form factors such as Qseven, SMARC, SODIMM and HPC by closely working with Tier-1 silicon companies such as NXP, Xilinx, Intel etc.
Nginuity design and manufacture interface modules for use within the avionics test industry, these are typically used by avionics manufacturers, installers and operators for the test and verification of aircraft avionics. We have an extensive range of airborne protocol converters and avionics interface adapters which convert data between digital and legacy systems, and aerospace and non-aerospace standards.
Sital’s proficiency has been built up over 20+ years. The founders are veterans of the Israeli Air Force and are experts in various data bus protocols such as MIL-STD-1553, ARINC and CAN. Through work on numerous applications with F15 and F16 military avionics, Sital has extended its' world-class expertise to commercial and other military aircraft via a myriad of challenging and highly-successful projects that are now integrated into tens of thousands of aircraft around the world.
STAR-Dundee is an aerospace engineering company focused on spacecraft on-board data-handling and processing technology. The company delivers a comprehensive range of test and development equipment, chip designs and IP cores to the world’s space agencies and international aerospace industry. STAR-Dundee is a world leader in SpaceWire and SpaceFibre technology.