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Absorbers & ETC


  • Cuming Microwave Corporation 사는 마이크로웨이브 absorber 기술과 RF 전자계 간섭부문과 레이다 크로스 섹션 감쇄, 그리고 무반향 챔버 분야의 선두 주자인 회사입니다.

  • 제품군으로는
    • Absorber 류
    • Anechoic Chamber Material 류
    • Honeycomb & High Power Microwave Absorber 류

회사 위치 : 미국

제품 분류

Rubber Sheet
Microwave Absorbers
Carbon-Based Foam
Microwave Absorbers
Anechoic Chamber
Honeycomb & High Power Microwave Absorbers
Rigid & Castable
Microwave Absorbers
Low Loss Dielectric Stock
Syntactic Foams syntactic foams are plastic materials, filled with small hollow spheres of glass or plastic Sprayable Microwave
  • Magnetic iron, Eposy, and Silicone Sprayables-C-RAM Paints(340-1)
  • Brushable Iron Epoxy Surface Wave- Coating : C-RAM 369 and 369-RT(340-2)
Radomes & Radar-
Absorbing Structures
Electrically Conductive
  • Electrically Conductive SiliconeAdhesive - C-BOND 275 (240-2)
  • Flexible Conductive Silicone Gasket Sheet
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Shielding Foil
Radar Reflectots & Lenses Adhesives

Cuming Microwave Corporation is at the forefront of innovative microwave absorber technology and materials for the RF Electromagnetic Interference, Radar Cross Section Reduction and Anechoic Chamber markets. From dielectric, artificial dielectrics, radomes, RF absorbers, and anechoic chambers for the international aerospace, electronics, and defense industries. From thin resonant absorption sheets to 12 foot pyramids to radar reflectors for mach speed aircraft; from do-it-yourself anechoic test chambers to turnkey anechoic chambers, Cuming Microwave’s engineering staff can support your efforts.

Cuming Microwave Corporation is a small business. Cuming Microwave is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified and RoHS certified.