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제목 AEPS 사 TESD-SP-80-F4 DC/DC 컨버터를 소개드립니다.
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TESD-SP-80-F4 are the series of isolated DC/DC converters with no-optocoupler feedback and pin-side shielding. 

The units include additional input and output EMC filters

Output power up to 80 Watts, power density up to 51 W/in3

Operational in wide input voltage range and at wide temperature range of standard -60° to +110° C

The units feature a full system of protections and service functions including remote on/off and output voltage trimming. 

Lack of internal empty spaces and materials, which produce gases when used in vacuum, allows to apply TESD-SP units at heights up to "near-space".​ 





• Up to 80 W output power, 51 W/in3

• Feedback without optocoupling

• Output voltage possible up to 150 VDC on request

• Additional input and output filter (MIL-STD-461)

• Extreme case operating temp. range for request up to -60 ~ +130 °C

• Efficiency up to 91 %

• 58x40x11 (mm) aluminium case (dim. without flanges) with pin-side shielding

• Input ranges:

  "27W" - (15-50 VDC) - standard

• Output voltage adjustment

• Remote on/off 

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