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제목 iWave사 ARINC-664/AFDX IP를 소개드립니다.
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첨부파일 iW-ASCE6-DS-R1.0-REL1.0-AFDX.pdf   ARINC-664-P7_Brochure_R1.0.pdf   Arinc-664-P7_AFDX-resource.pdf  


iWave’s AFDX-IP is an Ethernet Technology that provides a deterministic network to build an AFDX end system with guaranteed service to each subscriber with free access to the network. This protocol offers dedicated bandwidth for each node with a guaranteed quality of service. iWave offers high integrity and redundancy management, as well as UDP/IP, profiled communication layer implemented in hardware. 


▶ Transmission Operation

     - ​Supports up to 8 virtual transmission links (VL)

     - ​Supports 1 port per VL

     - Supports up to 8 transmit ports in total

     Supports BAG values of 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms, 16ms, 32ms, 64ms and 128ms

 Receiver Operation

     - Supports up to 8 virtual reception links (VL)

     - Supports 1 port per VL

     - Supports up to 8 receive ports in total

 Supports queuing ports

 Supports Transmit Redundancy functionality

 Supports Receive Redundancy Check functionality for each VL

 Supports AXI-4 stream interface for user data transmission and reception

 Supports AXI-4 Lite interface for updating the Control and Status Register


 Implements the AFDX End System

 Supports Virtual link management

 Supports up to 8 transmit and receiving ports

 Implement Redundancy functionality at the Transmit side

 Integrity checker and Redundancy management at the Receive side




 ​IP example design

 ​IP datasheet

 ​Integration Manual


Licensing Options

 Non-Transferable: Single Project/Product Netlist License - Single Site or Multi Site

 Non-Transferable: Multi Project/Product Netlist License - Single Site or Multi Site 


Technical Support

iWave provides comprehensive support during your system integration & validation.

 The Client may open a new support incident by emailing to a technical support engineer

 iWave’s response time shall be within 24 hours of the initial call, with the details of the action plan to resolve

 Support assistance shall be delivered by telephone, email and/or remote assistance via a web meeting

 ​iWave shall provide remote debugging support irrespective of the time zone/ region


이전글 Fortasa사 1.8" SATA Flash Drive를 소개드립니다.
다음글 Sital 사 MultiComBox(MIL-STD-1553 Bus Tester and Loader)를 소개드립니다.
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