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제목 Aitech 사 M599[AMD E9171 (Polaris) GPGPU and Graphics XMC]를 소개드립니다.
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Aitech's M599 5-Head Multiple Output Graphics XMC provides a highperformance, Low Power Consumption, highly versatile embedded video and graphics solution for harsh environment applications.

Based on Radeon™ E9171, AMD “Polaris” architecture, 5-Head GPU with its 4 GB of GDDR5, the M599 is ideal for avionics and defense applications.

The M599 support video decode and encode for 4K support at 60 Hz and High Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC), H.265 Availability of certifiable OpenGL® graphics libraries with data packages to support DAL A certification​.








Rugged XMC Form Factor

●​ AMD Radeon E9171 (Polaris) GPU

   - 1.2 TFLOPS GPU

   - 5 Independent Graphics Heads

   - 4GB GDDR5

   - Dynamic Power Management (DPM)

   - GPGPU Parallel Processing

   - 4K HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 decode and encode

●​ Vulkan, OpenCL, OpenGL, DirectX

●​ Up to 4 x 4K Video Outputs

●​ PCIe x8 Gen3 Host Interface

●​ Low Power Consumption

●​ Windows™, Linux™, VxWorks™, Integrity™

●​ VITA61 complaint

●​ Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions

●​ VITA47

●​ Vibration and Shock Resistant​

이전글 STAR-Dundee 사 SpaceWire Router Mk2S를 소개드립니다.
다음글 AEPS 사 TESD-SP-80-F4 DC/DC 컨버터를 소개드립니다.
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