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제목 AEPS 사 JETDis25-C2 DC/DC 컨버터를 소개드립니다.
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JETDis25-C2 are the series of isolated DC/DC converters meant to work under both heavy electrical and environmental conditions. 

Output power is up to 25 Wattspower density is up to 61 W/in3 , with standard of -40° to +110° C

The units feature a system of over-current protection and over-voltage protection. 

Standard functions include remote on/off and output voltage trimming. 

Its versatility, optimized cost and ultra-wide input of 9-80 VDC allow you to implement the converter in a vast number of industrial applications, supplying capacitive, constant-power and impulse load. 

Application fields: low-high altitude, land transport, supercomputers, mining, equipment in high and low temperature regions, digital signage equipment, APAR radars and others - where there are needed low-profile and high efficiency​







JETDis series is optimized in cost and characteristics

Ultrawide input voltage range 9-80 VDC

• Up to 25 W output power, 61 W/in3

• Case operating temp. range -40...+110 °C

• Efficiency up to 89 %

• 26x26x10 (mm) metal copper case

• Input ranges:

   "48W" - (9-80 VDC) - standard

• Output voltage trimming

• Remote on/off​ 


이전글 AEPS 사 TESD-SP-40-F3 DC/DC 컨버터를 소개드립니다.
다음글 AiTech 사 U-C5300 GPGPU를 소개드립니다.
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