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제목 STAR-Dundee 사 SpaceWire Link Analyser MK3를 소개드립니다.
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The Link Analyser Mk3 is designed to unobtrusively monitor the traffic on a SpaceWire link. It can capture and display bi-directional traffic travelling over a link; it can display live link statistics; and it can output decoded SpaceWire link characters and events to an external logic analyser.

The SpaceWire traffic visibility this provides is essential when developing and testing SpaceWire equipment. It makes it possible to validate a SpaceWire link is operating correctly and greatly aids debugging when problems are detected.

The Link Analyser Mk3 is typically connected between two SpaceWire devices, where it transparently monitors link traffic. When a pre-defined capture trigger is detected, SpaceWire characters and errors, along with a trace of data and strobe signals, are captured to hardware memory. Once capture is complete, the SpaceWire traffic is uploaded to a host PC where it is interpreted and shown in multiple views. Each view displays traffic in different levels of detail, allowing it to be inspected at network, packet, link and signal levels.

The Link Analyser Mk3 is controlled by a host PC, connected by a high-speed USB 3.0 interface, and is powered by a 5V power brick. It has two SpaceWire ports, four external SMB triggers and two MICTOR logic analyser connectors.

NOTE: The Link Analyser Mk3 supersedes the original Link Analyser and the Mk2. Both the hardware and software have been significantly improved. These improvements are described in SpaceWire Link Analyser Mk3 vs Mk2. 



Product Features

Unobtrusively capture and display SpaceWire link traffic travelling between two devices

 Record up to 67 million events

 Capture SpaceWire traffic to memory when a sequence of SpaceWire characters, data, time-code value or errors are detected

 View captured SpaceWire traffic in bit-stream, character, packet and network level software views

 RMAP protocol analysis displays the fields of packets conforming to the RMAP standard

 Search captured traffic for specific SpaceWire characters or for packets containing a particular data sequence

 Enable/disable capture of specific SpaceWire character types for efficient memory usage

 Export captured traffic to CSV file for custom software to interpret

 View live link statistics in the status counter software view

 Inject errors into the SpaceWire bit-stream

 Interface with external equipment using external SMB triggers

 View decoded SpaceWire link characters and events on an external logic analyser connected by a 40 pin MICTOR connector

 19” rack mountable (see 19″ Rack Mounting Kit)

 Contains 2 x SpaceWire ports, 1 x USB 3.0 port, 2 x 40 pin MICTOR logic analyser connectors (1 operational) and 4 SMB connectors (1 trigger in, 1 trigger out and 2 disabled)

 Software and accessories included:

 Windows drivers (Windows 10, 8 and 7)

 Linux drivers (5.x, 4.x and 3.x kernels)

 Link Analyser Mk3 software application

 C API with example code

 User manuals

 USB cable

 1 year’s technical support and maintenance

Technical Specifications

 Power: +5V DC, power brick supplied

 ​Size: ​110 x 30 x 112 mm (excluding feet)

 SpaceWire Ports:

 ​​Compliant to ECSS-E50-12A, ECSS-E-ST-50-12C and ECSS-E-ST-50-12C Rev.1

 Number of SpaceWire Ports: 2

 Maximum Speed: 400 Mbit/s

 Connectors: 9-pin micro-miniature D-type

 USB Port:

 USB 3.0

 Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1


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다음글 AEPS 사 TESD-SP-40-F3 DC/DC 컨버터를 소개드립니다.
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